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i begin the game and just get a jumpscare with the image with 4 bugs xd

also: how can i leave from the admin ending?

Thanks for playing! Those bugs were keeping things hidden...

Unfortunately there's no way to log out from the admin ending. You will have to restart the game, but progress is saved!


Very cool and creepy. I've only been able to find 5 endings though.


which ones have u gotten?


Let's see...

  • squashed all bugs
  • typed "blood" in web search
  • typed "die" in chat
  • logged in with admin/adadmin
  • opened bug-covered image

search 404 in web search

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Thanks for playing!

Spoilers/Locations Below

If you don't want any help finding the endings, look no further!

There are 3 endings in the web browser, 1 in messages, 1 in files, and 1 for dealing with bugs. There is one secret ending in messages, and one secret ending in the files. Hope that helps!


genuinely enjoyed it, though would like some more and for once bug squashed to stay squash, along with having the game only 'finish' once all bugs are killed


Thanks for playing! Maybe there's more than meets the eye...