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I made some trailers for the game. It was for an assignment back in 2020, if you guys are interested here they are.

I think it double posted one by mistake. But anyway here they are.

Also, this music is not mine. Credit to those who made it.

These are super cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Well made under the time constraints.

Thank you!

wow i love playing it and its challenging

Thanks for playing!


got stuck a little but beautiful looking game, good job

I so badly wanna play this

Hey, if you can't play it because this is Windows only, the experimental Mac/Linux builds are coming out soon!


This game was absolutely incredible, especially since it was made in under two weeks.

amazing game, i cant believe this was made in only 11 days!

Thank you so much!


Not only was the concept really good, but the story had so many layers. I was immersed in this world from start to finish. Well done dev! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.


puffy.jelly I loved the Atmosphere and Soundtrack of ANIMA... I love games with a great story that's easy to follow; nevertheless, all around great game! 

Lastly May I have a soundtrack of the music played in ANIMA : ) 
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here's my gameplay of it. bit of an honest rating.


This game is really pretty and the story is so cool, really great job on this game!


This was really beautiful, I enjoyed the game a lot.

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good story


Congratulations to this incredible game! You guys came in 4th out of the huge selection of games I tested this week! I love ANIMA so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds for it and you as a gamedev!

Thank you so much for playing :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Awesome game! We featured it in our latest video! You can check it out here if you’re interested!